We learn Through Play 

Play is the highest form of research - Albert Einstein 
We love to play ! 
It's how we learn .......
In our warm and inviting pre-school you can build towers as big as the sky or a home for all your dinosaurs to live in.
In paint you can make any colour you wish and spend all day mixing and exploring, finding out and discovering what happens .......
If you venture into the garden you can dig for treasure in the sand box, be a pirate sailing far away, explore how the river moves, or help to care for our grape vine and plants.
When we  go to Forest School and explore the woods - we never know who we will meet aliens, the big bad wolf or a fairy behind a door. In the woods we can have the amazing adventures or spend the day rolling down a hill and investigating mud.
In the woods stories come alive, we can hear so many sounds or catch raindrops on our nose.

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Noahs ark Pre-school Townhill Farm community centre Wessex road, West End, Southampton so18 3ra


I have made all these colours from Red, Blue and yellow.