Clothing for Forest School


It is essential that when attending forest school all adults and children wear suitable clothing.

This will help protect them from injury, illness or accidents.

To enjoy being in the woods, everyone needs to be warm, dry and comfortable.



Due to the uneven ground sturdy footwear must be worn.


When the weather / ground is muddy or wet we will change the children into wellie boots before leaving for Forest School.


On forest school days please ensure your child is wearing suitable shoes - trainers are ideal.

Under no circumstances can sandals or heeled shoes be worn to forest school.

Cold Weather

In  cold weather please ensure your child has the following clothing on forest school days:-

  • Layers of natural fibres, cotton, wool or fleeces.

    • a vest, long sleeved top and a sweatshirt.

    • warm trousers and long socks

  • A hat to retain the heat.

  • extra socks to keep toes warm and  mittens to keep fingers warm.

  •  A warm thick coat

Warmer Weather

In warmer weather it is still essential that the children wear safe clothing:-

  • Long trousers  and long sleeved tops should  be worn to protect the children from tic’s.


We will apply Sun Lotion before leaving for Forest school.


 Please ensure your child has a jumper it will still be needed as its shady in the woods.

Wet Weather

when wet:-

  • Pre-school will provide - Waterproof Leggings & jackets

  • A warm coat is still needed.


It would be useful if in your childs changing bag there is extra socks and trousers we can change them into if they get wet.

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