Toileting and Nappy Changing




There are no toilet facilities at West End Copse and therefore a bog in the bag (disposable toilet) will be taken on site and a  secluded area will be set aside for the toileting and nappy changing.


All children will be reminded to visit the toilets at pre-school before we leave and any child in nappies will be changed by their key carer prior to departure.

Toilet paper and baby wipes will be available for the children’s use and hand washing water and soap.

 Spare Nappies / wipes / aprons / gloves / disposable changing mats will be carried in the toileting bag and if a child soils a nappy it will be changed.


Soiled nappies and contents of the potty  will be double bagged and returned to setting for disposal.

telephone - 0788 7623981

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Noahs ark Pre-school Townhill Farm community centre Wessex road, West End, Southampton so18 3ra