As a Forest school Noah’s Ark recognises that the weather in the UK is varied and changeable.


The designated forest school leader will monitor the weather and before each session assess if it is safe to take the children to West End Copse, they may make a visit to the site to make a detailed assessment. It is their responsibility to decide if it is safe to proceed. The Met Office weather app is used to check forecasts.


Strong winds and thunder storms will cause the forest school sessions to be cancelled as there is a danger of falling branches. In has been agreed that if the wind reaches 6 or above on the Beaufort Scale (strong breeze, 25 – 31mph, large branches and umbrellas used with difficulty) the session will not go ahead.


Due to the age of the children (2 years  – 5 years) sessions may also be cancelled in extreme cold. Young child can be at greater risk of greater hyperthermia.


Should we be unable to go to Forest School we will stay in the setting .


telephone - 0788 7623981

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