West End Copse

our forest school

West End Copse is situated on the Chartwell Green housing estate.

This site features traditional coppice (predominantly hazel coppice with oak standards), whilst willow and other scrub can be found along the stream valley.

Ground plants and insects, including butterflies are returning to the woodland.

In 1994 as the housing estate developed the work began by the countryside service to enhance the woodland and extensive work has been undertaken to thin the coppice and allow light into the woodland.

Board walks and steps have been added to allow access for the public and the small stream has bridges over it.

The Copse were originally part of the estate owned by Sir William Paulet in 1536 (Henry VIII reign) – it was mainly used as farming land .

In 1897 Townhill Farm was purchased by Samuel Montagu and transformed the house – the gardens were famously designed by Gertrude Jekyll.  Gradually the surrounding farm was sold off some forming housing estates and other parts become farm land or sand pits.


West End Copse is home to Noah's Ark Forest School, it is a public woodland and which is home to deer and popular with local dog walkers. 

We meet at an area to meet in , it is called base camp and this is an area we carefully choose.  It includes secluded spots to sit and reflect in , places to run and explore and a meeting space where we all meet.

telephone - 0788 7623981

email - noahsark.westend@gmail.com


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